The MDR-1000X are Sony’s new flagship wireless over-ear headphones with active noise-cancellation.

It comes with a 1.5m singe sided cable, a micro USB charger, and one in-flight adapter. The headphones also support ‘Hi-Res Audio’ – a feature enabling users to listen to lossless audio files without compromising on quality. Since its wireless, it connects via Bluetooth and NFC

These are smart-looking headphones. There’s polished metal in the headband, and the ear cups and ear pads are wrapped in a very believable synthetic leather that feels lovely.

They don’t just look great, these headphones feel good, too. It does manage to maintain its elegance with a neat and tidy finish. The headband uses just the right amount of pressure to stay put, gripping rather than squeezing. They’re also light enough to sit on your head for hours

The outer shell of its ear cups are covered with leather and comfortable cushions inside. The cups are big enough to fit any ear size, rarely allowing any space for your music to escape outside.



The left ear cup has an NFC chip for speedy Bluetooth pairing. The right ear cup offers touch-sensitive controls.

The sensitive controls on the earcups are quite easy to get used to, with the power on/off button already present, just moving your fingers to play/pause or change the songs is not that big of a deal

Swiping forwards and backwards to change tracks is easy enough, as is swiping up and down for volume. The double-tap pause/play command takes some practice

The MDR-1000X comes with new feature – Sense Engine – which optimises the noise cancelling ability as per the surroundings you’re in. Its ambient sound feature allows users to their music whilst being aware of the surrounding noise.


Coming to sound Quality, The Sony MDR-1000X are easily the great noise-cancelling headphones   the MDR-1000X didn’t disappoint at all. The DSEE HX integration enhances its output. Bass, treble, mids, highs and the lows are all well synchronised.

Taking calls is easy and voice quality is greatSONY claim of a 20-hour battery life on a single charge and a cord is included if you want to listen in wired mode. 

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