New product from Samsung , Samsung Gear Iconx , its an earbud, but it does more than just playing music. This is what comes in the box when you purchase an Samsung Gear IconX .

  • Gear IconX wireless earphones (left and right)
  • Battery case for carrying and recharging
  • Micro USB cable
  • Micro USB to full-size USB connector
  • Small, medium, and large earbud tips and wingtips
  • Quick start guide, health, safety and warranty guide

Lets starts with earbud, The body comes with plastic and rubber blended together. The rubber ear tips protrude out which fit inside your ear canal. There is also a rubber wing that helps you secure the earbuds in your ears. The ear-tips and the wings are interchangeable as well. They can get tricky to fit at first, but after a while you get used to them. I was quite happy with the snug fit, but after about an hour of usage, they start hurting.

Each earbud comes with built-in sensors, contact points for charging and a flat touch sensitive surface.The earbuds come with a heart-rate sensor as well as an accelerometer to track your activity. Thanks to the sensors, the music automatically stops when you pull them out of your ears. They are sweat and waterproof so using them during a workout is not an issue. Using the Samsung Gear app you can also track your workout.


The earbuds come with a touch sensitive area which you can use to control your music and take calls.

  • Tap once to play or pause a song
  • Slide your finger on the touchpad up or down to control the volume
  • Double tap to switch to the next track or answer/end a call
  • Triple tap to go back to the previous track
  • Tap and hold to hear the settings spoken in English and change the sound environment.


 Talking about the sound Quality , sound is no that good and not that bad either, Its okay kind of sound , i wish samsung would have worked on  little more bass to the gear, The earbuds come with a built in memory, 4GB on each, to store music. Call quality is pretty good. The inbuilt mic works well and there were no issues.


Samsung claims that the IconX can go for 3.5 hours when playing music from the inbuilt memory and just 1.5 hours when streaming off a smartphone. In my tests I got about 1 hour and 10 minutes of playback when playing music from my smartphone via Bluetooth and about 3 hours 30 minutes from the inbuilt memory.  Samsung should have give more battery backup for earbuds.


Charging this gear is very easy and smart , there is the capsule shaped case. It not only helps you to keep the earbuds safely in one place, it also charges them.


It features a microUSB port that helps in charging and data transfer, two LEDs in the front to indicate the charging status of the earbuds inside. Just pop in the earbuds in the case, shut it and it starts charging.

Although the Gear IconX is a Samsung product, its device compatibility scope extends beyond the Galaxy brand. The earphones will work with most popular phones running Android 4.4 or higher, provided that they have at least 1.5GB of RAM. The IconX will not work with iOS.

As a fitness tracker, the Samsung Gear IconX does a decent job. The earphones can measure the distance you’ve traveled and track your hear rate using their built-in pulse sensor. In-depth stats, including calories burned and a exercise intensity graphs, are then shown in the S Health app. You can also get current stats at any moment during your workout, which is handy. If you don’t have your phone on you during an exercise session, stats will be synced once it is in range. 

So yeah, the sides of both Samsung Gear IconX earphones are sensitive to the touch – you skip tracks and change volume with taps and swipes on either earbud. Don’t worry, as the Gear app will list all gestures for you when you connect your IconX to your phone for the first times


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