Samsung Gear fit 2

SAMSUNG Gear Fit 2 now runs a dual-core 1GHz Exynos 3250 processor and 512MB of RAM. There’s also GPS onboard the Fit 2, along with 4GB of storage for music and a barometer sensor for stair-tracking.

Samsung is using its homegrown Tizen OS to power the Gear Fit 2. The Fit 2 is now compatible with any Android phone running 4.4 or above. ( Does not support IOS Devices )

Samsung has refined its original design to make it a lot more useful for athletes. It has built-in GPS, a slightly larger screen and smarter activity tracking. It’s Samsung’s best fitness wearable yet, but it’s still a tough sell compared to competing devices from the likes of Fitbit.

It has 1.58 inches curved display and the screen is also slightly wider now, which makes it more useful for actually reading information, and there’s less of a bezel around the sides so it’s almost like an edge-to-edge display.

There are only two buttons on the side of the device, which serve as home and power buttons. On the bottom there’s a heart rate sensor and two small connectors for its charging stand.

The Fit 2 supports 15 different workout types, including common things like running and cycling, and more specific activities like yoga and pilates. It’s now smart enough to automatically detect five different types of workouts, something competing health trackers from Fitbit and Jawbone have been able to do for years.

The coolest feature on the Gear Fit 2 is automatic workout tracking. In other words, the device knows when you start running, biking, or working out on the elliptical. It automatically detected that I was walking to work, and let me know everything from my speed and distance travelled, to the calories I’d burned. It did the same for runs, which proves that it can identify different activities.

You will have to let it know you’re doing yoga, pilates, and other activities that are harder to sense

Samsung claims the Gear Fit 2 gets around three to four days of battery life from its 200mAh battery. In my testing wearing all day its lasted two and a half day.

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