The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in three models: the  aluminum model, the stainless steel model, and a ceramic model.There’s also a Nike-branded version of the sport watch that will ship in late October. All of these watches have the same internals, just different external materials.

There are plenty of band options that come bundled in, too. It still comes in smaller (38mm) and larger (42mm) sizes.

New software watchos 3 is a great upgrade to the earlier Apple Watch experience. Like IOS 10, that’s a free upgrade to existing Watch owners, too — you don’t need to buy anything new.

Apple boasts a 1,000-nit display on Apple Watch Series 2, up from 450. That’s seriously bright, and in the most intense sunlight

The Apple Watch has a new “S2″ processor, Apple’s custom watch chip. Speeds are mostly measured by how fast things load.


 Now you can wear the new Apple Watch while swimming. The previous model was already somewhat water resistant, but now it’s water resistant up to 50 meters. The Watch’s Workout app tracks both pool swims and open water swims, recording laps, distance, and stroke style.

When you start one of these swim workouts, the Watch auto-locks the touchscreen display. Apple says this is so the Watch won’t react to water droplets or water pressure as it would your finger. Before you hit “End” on the workout, you have to twist the physical crown on the Watch. It then emits a sound, the vibration pushes water out the horizontal speaker holes. It is a strange and kind of brilliant way to get water out of the ports of a consumer electronic device.

Now you can go outside, without your iPhone, and run and cycle and hike to your heart’s content and the Apple Watch Series 2 will receive a GPS signal. It will calculate your distances, and show a map of your workout in the Activity app on your iPhone.

I tested the Watch on my usual walking, running, and cycling routes. I didn’t bring my iPhone, since the Watch will default to using the iPhone’s GPS if it’s in range. The recorded distances were almost exactly what my smartphone and other GPS watches have recorded in the past

All of these data are synced over Bluetooth with Apple’s Activity app on iPhone, just like before. The most notable change in the Activity app is that it now offers social sharing 

 The new Series 2 Apple Watch is actually a tiny bit thicker than the last version. You wouldn’t notice it unless you held two watches side by side, and even then you’d need to look twice.

The Apple Watch and its always-on Siri connection (just say “Hey, Siri”) is really good

When I drive, I use it to call up music on my car’s speakers via my linked-up phone. Having Siri means that the Apple Watch is often as useful in a pinch for quick hands-free commands. 

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