HP Spectre

HP Spectre  world’s thinnest laptop. The laptop is as thin as a AAA battery. Spectre measures 10.4 millimeters (0.41 inch) at its thickest point, this makes it slimmer than than the 12-inch MacBook (0.52 inches) and MacBook Air (0.68 inches).

Another USP of the HP Spectre is its copper design combined with carbon fiber that gives the laptop a premium look. It features 13.3-inch full HD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and runs on 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.


The HP Spectre 13 is currently the world’s thinnest laptop and despite that, HP has managed to cram in Intel’s Core i-series of processors rather than Core M,. In terms of looks, it easily has one of the most-eye-catching designs. The bottom portion and lid of the laptop is built using carbon fibre and the copper accents add a lot of bling, which is the best way to describe it. The colour combination and design is very unique and is certainly doesn’t look like anything out there.

Another difference you’ll notice is a slight variation of the HP logo on the lid of the Spectre 13.

It features a hybrid battery that lasts up to 9.45 hours on a single charge,.

There aren’t any ports on the side as everything is around the copper strip, on the back. We have a total of three USB Type-C ports out of which, the two clustered together support Thunderbolt so you can use Ethernet, VGA or even HDMI connections via adapters. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone socket at one end.

The laptop has a full-HD  display with Corning Gorilla Glass, a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 Skylake CPUs, SSD storage up to 512GB and up to 8GB of memory.

HP uses Intel’s hyperbaric cooling system which is how it’s able to run a Core i CPU in such a chassis without the risk of overheating.

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