ASUS Zenbo

Meet ASUS Zenbo, a new robot friend for everbody and describing the robot as a smart home manager, security guard, hands-free kitchen assistant, and family photographer.

It can understand spoken commands, so you can do thinks like tell it to remind you of a doctor’s appointment. It also automatically monitors the home for emergency situations, notifying family members via a smartphone when something bad happens. It has a built-in camera 

Zenbo can connect to other smart home appliances, such as TVs, smart lights and air conditioners. In one scenario, you can tell it to turn the TV on and off.

Users can also ask  Zenbo to buy goods online, logging into accounts and inputting passwords with their voice, and take photos like an autonomous selfie stick.

ASUS Zenbo

Zenbo also doubles as a stereo speaker; it can tell your child bedtime stories or amuse them with educational games. Its animated face, which can show a range of emotions, is a touchscreen. 

Zenbo can also sing songs, dance to music, The device stands about knee height to an average adult, comes equipped with a robotic.

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