APPLE has release its new iphone IPHONE 7 & IPHONE 7 PLUS, IPHONE 7 is slim and attractive and still very well-designed and comes with IOS 10.

Apple smoothed out the seams that used to hide the phone’s antennae, so the aluminum around the back looks smoother. The camera bump is larger, by just a bit.

Iphone 7 has a new A10 fusion chip , another product from Apple industry leading chip design Team. It’s a new design with four cores: two high performance cores, and two low-power cores that use less battery power during everyday tasks.It’s lightning-fast, of course, with early benchmarks indicating that the A10 Fusion is faster than even the A9X in the iPad Pro.

 Display itself is improved. it’s a sharp, bright, and beautiful LCD, Iphone 7 has 25% more Brightness as compare to iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus.

Apple added new colors this year, too. Now the phone comes in two versions of black in addition to the existing silver, gold and rose gold colors. Regular black is matte, while jet black is a high gloss.

New iphone 7 plus comes new storage option 32gb, 128 gb, 256gb.

The iPhone 7  has a new home button. New Home Button is really a solid state circle that doesn’t move at all. It’s like the new MacBook trackpads, in a sense. Push down, and you get a haptic “click” 

How water resistant is the iPhone 7? Apple calls it “splash and water resistant,” and by the way, IP67 means 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and complete dust resistance.But in our test we got much more better result than this .


We took the iPhone 7 in the shower, dropped it in a fish tank a few times,  put it in a sink and turned on the tap and filled the sink with the iPhone in it .It survived 

But Apple also warns that any dip in salt water should be followed by an immediate rinse in fresh water. And also, you have to dry your phone for at least a couple of hours before charging

The iPhone 7 Camera gets an upgrade , now with  optical image stabilization (or OIS). The slightly wider f1.8-aperture lens also lets in more light for low-light photos. OIS and that new lens both make a difference in everyday shots.

The four-LED flash is brighter, and helped light up a room so well I could even shoot a barely passable photo of the darkened room next door. Note that Live Photo slows down the shutter speed, so turn it off for faster shots.

The front-facing FaceTime camera has been urgraded to 7 megapixels now, and it looked great for selfies or videos

There is no headphone jack in IPhone 7,  Apple ships a pair of its EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector in the box, as well as a Lightning-to-3.5mm dongle so you can use your traditional headphones.

IPhone 7 is the addition of stereo speakers. Disapperring of a headphone jack adds upto to the speaker, One speaker is at the bottom of the phone, as it has been, and the other is actually integrated into the earpiece. They’re much louder than before, and sound decent, with better treble performance in particular.

Battery has also Improved ,Not Major improved but Iphone 7 seemed to last a whole day without needing a recharge.

Speaking of iOS 10, it’s wonderful. Seriously, it’s the nicest iOS update in a long time, with a clear sense of how you should flow between operations and a much more inviting visual design.

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